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We are dynamic and very efficient team of highly-qualified R&D professionals with a huge practical experience. Our company is focusing on the design and development of multi-discipline projects

  • Automation and Control Solutions.

  • Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technologies.

  • Internet-Of-Things (IoT) technologies.

  • Automatic Meter Reading and SmartGrid solutions (AMR/AMI/SmartGrid/SmartMetering).

  • Energy Data Management (EDM), Energy Saving and Energy Load Balancing.

  • Smart Street-Lighting solutions.

  • Remote devices/sensors monitoring.

  • SCADA and SCADA-like solutions.

  • Home and building automation.

  • Asset tracking and Asset management.

  • Intelligent communication modules (wireless/wired).

  • Wearable electronics.

  • Advanced camera solutions.

  • Defense / Security / HLS.

  • Custom tailor-made embedded product design and support software.

Our team is highly qualified Hi-Tech R&D engineers practical experience of design and development solutions and projects for industrial, consumer electronics, telecom, energy and power, medical, military and defense sectors.
Originally the company was found in 2007 by Andrey Nekhamkin and called Nekhamkin Embedded Systems
In 2015 the company name was changed to Nekatec Ltd.
Our headquarter is based in the center of Israel and we work for different customers World Wide. 
The projects and solutions we have worked on are used in Argentina, France, Belgium, Chile, Dominican Republic, Israel, UK, USA, Russia, Spain, Portugal, China, Azerbaijan, Philippines and India.
We are offering: 
  • R&D of multi-discipline M2M and IoT solutions.
  • Automation and IoTification.
  • Project Management services.
  • Support of on-going projects.
  • Consulting services.
  • R&D consulting for Atmel-based projects (you can find us on Atmel 's website:
  • Technical due diligence.
  • Startup support.
  • Outsourcing and management of outsourcing R&D teams.
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